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What is Screen Printing?

Let us help you share your story with a custom logo or designed apparel by using screen printing. Screen printing is a centuries old traditional method of transferring inks and designs on to a designated surface, most typically a shirt, through a woven mesh stencil.

Each color used in the design is printed separately with its own screen. This means a design must first be broken down into different layers by color. Next, a woven screen stencil is used to apply a single color of ink at a time; one stencil per color used in the shirt’s design.The ink is pulled across the stencil using a blade or foam tool, producing a single layer of the design with full, saturated color. The item is than dried in large dryer tunnels to seal the ink.


Best Uses for Screen Printing:

- Giveaways

- Fundraising

- Large Events & Races

- Retail Sales

- Camps

- Quantity 144 - 10,000



Susan G Komen More Than Pink Shirt


  • It is long lasting. Due to the thickness and complexity of the inks used in screen printing, designs placed with this method can endure far more stress than other methods without losing the quality of the print.

  • It is good for large quantity orders and is cost effective. This method requires individual screens for every color used in an artwork and it is best used for large orders. It is great for when clients need to place big orders and want to save money. The cost will go down with the more garments placed in an order.

  • It leaves a great finish and vibrant colors. Screen printing results are hard to replicate by other printing techniques. It leaves a satisfying look and hand feel to the apparel it is printed on.


  • It is not practical for small orders. Screen printing takes a lot of preparation before the process begins. This method is not the best for “on-demand” and quick printing orders.

  • Better for less colors. The more colors that are needed the more expensive the cost becomes. A custom screen is needed for each color of a design and can complicate the process and make it more expensive. It is best to keep designs simple using as few tones as possible.

  • It is not the best for the environment. Even with advances in technology and improvements to the technique and inks used, screen printing uses a lot of water inefficiently. Water is used to mix up inks and clean the screens, so making a lot of shirts in this method adds up to a lot of water wasted.



Screen Printing Process





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