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What is Custom Merchandise?

Let us help you share your story with your logo with custom designed merchandise. Custom designed merchandise are non-apparel products like sporting equipment, water bottles, tumblers, fidget spinners, lanyards, lighters, and much more. Logo incorporated merchandise are good for real world application as well as spreading a company’s or event’s brand awareness.

Promotional merchandise can be a great tool and friend to companies as promotional products. They have many uses and can help customers readily identify and recognize your company or business. Depending on what products you need and how you use them custom designed merchandise can be very successful.


Custom Merchandise is good for:




-Promotional Products




  • Good for spreading brand awareness within different budgets.
  • Quality promotional products offer great visibility and are useful everyday.

  • Great for big orders and large events.

  • High quality results with long lasting impact.


  • Time consuming. For preparation and the actual process of transferring a logo or design onto a hard good product might take 7-10 days.

  • Some products have shorter shelf lives than others and can be fragile.

  • Expense of buying a minimum number of units.




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